Cameroon - Anglophone crisis: End of Year Certificates Will Have No Credibility If Strike Continues - Prof ABETY

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The Chairman of the Cameroon General Certificate of Education Board, CGCEB, Prof Peter Alange ABETY has expressed worries over the quality of certificates this year to be obtained by students if the current situation in the two English speaking regions remains the same.

He was addressing stakeholders in the education sector in Buea during the extra ordinary Council Session of the GCE Board last Friday March 3, 2017. The GCE Board Chairman said if activities in schools continue to be paralyzed with no effective classes, then the Board will not set questions that cover the entire syllables on the calendar hence what the students will learn cannot be used to proof that they had a full school year.

Prof. Peter Alange ABETY said certificates will in this case be less credible especially on the international scene, because students have been home for several months and couldn’t catch up with classes.

He used the opportunity to urge parents to send their children to school come Tuesday March 6, 2017. The GCE Board chairman insisted that Lay private and Confessional schools have the key to an effective back to school, if they jointly sign a letter inviting parents to do so. Clergy men present and representing Catholic, Protestant and Islamic all said their doors are wide open for students to come back to school. Rev. Zephyrinus YEM MBUH representing the Catholic Church said the main question is why parents have decided to keep their children at home despite several calls for them to send them to school.

Present during the conclave were representatives from NWR  and SWR  Teachers and Parents Association,Directors from Ministry of Secondary Education,Representative from the Presidency,Prime Minsiters Office, Ministry of Finance ,trade Union leaders among others.

By Wilson MUSA

Wilson MUSA

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