Cameroon – Anglophone Crisis: Video Of Separatist Fighters Slaughtering Wardress Ayafor Florence Stuns The World

Par Atia T. AZOHNWI | Cameroon-Info.Net
Bamenda - 04-Oct-2019 - 21h25   25936                      
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A video has emerged showing how armed fighters in Pinyin, a village in Cameroon’s North West Region, slaughtered Ayafor Florence, wardress at the Bamenda Central Prison.

Reports have it that Chief Wardress Ayafor Florence had travelled for a funeral in her native Pinyin village Saturday, September 28, 2019 and was kidnapped on her way back by Ambazonian fighters.

It would appear she was mistaken for a Gendarme Officer as her captors could be heard saying in two viral videos shortly before the prison officer was slaughtered.

In the videos believed to have been shot on September 29, 2019, Ayafor Florence is seen naked with five armed men pulling her along a long road by her limbs and hair. As they pull her, they speak among themselves in pidgin and the Pinyin dialect. They claim she is a gendarme officer and the one believed to be their Commander goes by the title “Field Marshal”.

In the second video, the armed men are now masked. With a machete and knife, the head of the wardress is chopped off in the centre of the road as she struggles on the ground. They encourage each other to chop off the head in order to fortify their charms.

With the head in his right hand and a knife in the other, one of the armed men looks into the heavens and says, “This is the living corpse. This is the head of anyone who kills my brother. I chopped off the head.”

Two others struggle to touch the head, apparently to fortify their charms. They are then given instructions by their leader referred to as ‘Field Marshal’ in the videos.

“Give that head to Speed Brakes so he can keep it at the road junction,” he orders. The video closes as the one with the head speeds off.

It was on Monday, September 30, 2019 that the body parts of Ayafor Florence were found along the road in Pinyin as the Major National Dialogue opened in Yaoundé to seek an end to the Anglophone crisis.

The gruesome murder has attracted widespread condemnation. A statement dated October 2, 2019 and attributable to Fon Ayaba Godfred II of Pinyin says the "Kwifor", a secret society in Pinyin, was through the voice of the traditional ruler expressing its "consternation and bewilderment following the monstrous and desecrating act of beheading a woman on our soil."

The Fon says traditional rites will be performed in the days ahead to cleanse the village from the many acts of desecration.

Ndifor Richard demands justice

Civil Society Activist and Historian, Ndifor Richard took to Facebook October 4, 2019 to register his shock after watching videos of the gruesome murder. Hear him:-

“After watching the video of the gruesome killing of this lady by armed men I have not been able to recover from the shock. I have only come to realize that we were living with beasts among us. And to tell you the truth, these beasts are not just those who carried out this heinous act but those who support and a bait it. The monsters even have the guts to film their satanic act and put it up on social media. This is unbelievable.

“In fact I am trying very hard to understand what exactly will justify this kind of barbarism. To the best of my knowledge a prison officer is not a soldier. A prison officer does not kill. A prison officer does not even carry out arrest.

“In the face of such evil we must stand up as one man and speak out irrespective of which side of the divide we belong evil is evil. We don't know who the next victim of this barbarism will be. It might just be you or any of your close relatives. These monsters must be fished out and made to face the full arm of the law. There should be no mercy what so ever when dealing with these animals. I just hope some people are not going to call them innocent civilians when eventually they are fished out. The least we can do for this lady is to seek justice for her death.”


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